The International Shorts Film Competition programme winners are:

Grand Prix “Dance Macabre” by Pedro Pires (Canada 2009) Trailer

Jury comments: For poignant depicting face of optimism of human’s final journey to death as a dance.

The special mention of the Jury:

“Autumn Man” by Jonas Selberg Augustsen (Sweden, 2010). Trailer

The second special mention of the Jury:

“Baby” by Daniel Mulloy (UK, 2010).

Jury Members: Taavi Eelmaa (EST), Daniel Vadocky (SLOVAK) and Antra Cilinska (LAT).

The International Student Shorts Film Competition programme winners:

Grand Prix “Deeper than yesterday” by Ariel Kleiman, Australia Trailer

“Perfectly located realization of a fine story. The film is a gripping study of masculinity tearing down the masks of man giving us glimpses of the beast within. This superb collection of convincing performances created an allegory of a moral vacuum where the few gasps of humanity can still prevail”.

The Best Fiction: “My invisible friend” by Pablo Larcuen, Spain Trailer

“This comedy with substance managed to stay fresh all the way. The optimistic view of the parent-child relationship and its strengthening effect was seen in well-detailed visual style which brought a real sense of nostalgia”.

The Best Documentary: “Walk with a guide” by Maciej Cendrowski, Poland

“The film gave an honest and warm insight to the life of a blind man with a vision. The dignified approach and thoughtful portrayal of the subject polished the film into a pearl”.

The Best Animation: “The Eagleman Stag” by Mike Please, UK   Trailer

“The film achieves a fresh visual imagery looking handmade and futuristic at the same time. The rhythm of the story is well paced and it has an impeccable flow to it”.

The Special Mention of the Jury:

“Good-for-nothing King” by Jenni Rahkonen and Heta Bilaletdin, Finland
“The craftsmanship of the visual style”.

Second Special Mention of the Jury:

“Place to stay” by Jesse Jokela
for the best science fiction or as the Jury wrote: “because the truth is out there”.

Jury’s overall comment of the competition programme:
Many of the films were technically flawless depicting the cynical tones of our times, but some of them stood out for bravely showing important social issues. The jury was also astounded by the sheer power of the stories which ascended above the technical tools of cinema.

Liva Rubenel (LAT), Matti Kiuru (FIN), Aino Halonen (FIN)

The Estonian Shorts Competition programme winners:

The Best Estonian Short of 2010:”Dear Friend, I Respect You”
Director: Ove Musting
DoP: Mihkel Soe
Prod: Ove Musting
Production: Company Downtown

Jury’s comment: “Has vowed the jury with its humor, engaging narrative, acting and grand display of human foibles”

music video of the winning film

Jury’s special mention:


Director: Jiri Stejskal
DoP: Jiri Stejskal
Prod: Yuliya Sokolova

“Pithole” is a bold documentary that clearly captures the hopeless struggle of claiming a home in the face of exploitation in the name of progress. Nataliya, the grand protagonist of the documentary shines as an extraordinary person blessed by humor and optimism in face of darkness.

Members of the Jury: Andres Mänd (EST/NORW), John Bernstein (USA), Laurence Boyce (UK/EST)

Thank You all for being part of the 11th Sleepwalkers and see You again in a year!